To learn the Zen thinking business opportunity
Zen and Zen on bridge management in 21st century

Illuminated Counsellor means to align the feet shoes and simple description of the lower.

Align the shoes, get rid of that.

Zen is a settlement at all.
"Now and here" does not neglect. What we can do best.
Sense to stick to the body, very easy with.
That is not to say that you cannot do it, please align the shoe right now is.

Weeds under his feet and his heart out. Treasure in the foot by doing so to notice.

"What is the essence of Buddhism? "" What is the essence of the business? "" What is alive because of what? "
The answer is all there at your feet.

To make the best use of the light con in the lower. Their bodies are just the feet. A sound mind dwells in a healthy body.
Mind and body unity. The body and the mind in one.

If today one day worried, too good.
Without the power to fast. If you are tired, go to bed.
Daily live seriously and that they wear.

All things and all things actually is at his feet. For all further, painful way of life.
Should not run away from the problem, not to run away from one's feet, should not run away from the reality should not run away from today.
If you take without escaping, there is treasure.

Has a life, have families, who, that work, that people believe their risk, supportive to be thankful.
To feel more and more, another one can realize that if you can not as happy.

I thought dogen also all want to be happy. The Buddha says "what would a world without suffering? "An intense sense of purpose has entered the world of training.

And a strong sense of purpose is no harder feet. So forget about self and meditation. And tens of law (and everything else that) comes into view. Ten thousand feet all in law.

To fulfill their mission to climb their own daily practice every day. Daily watch your feet every day.
My goal is to come. Answer to realize if you do continue to say, is always underfoot.

Tidy up the desk. Practice report, check and recheck. Feel the move immediately. And now to work here properly. This light con job lower.

And customer value creation and management. Not only new and repeat and referral sales.
With our customers, combined with more and more customers give. You don't need to be changed. Of course to take for granted in business basics. Simple thoughts and acts.

Complex to simple, deep, fun. Today's work is done today.
Write a to Do List as closely as possible. And devoted their time if you decide to plan a.
Work is enjoyable and that will become obvious. Can be thrilled every day.

Not that hard to do. In the work of today's contained everything.
In one pile thinking planning, preparedness and action plan, growing awareness was born.

To continue to grow the company personnel is best investment.
Human resources himself.
Growth today day, today's work, now matchmaking is in. And so it seems instantly seriously become for a moment.

And now here are involved in eternity past and future forever.
There is only now. It is not a stranger. Now you decide. Lower in all.
Can reminisce about the moment now yourself, create enterprise today.

We are every day, busy and swung around to the rest of the world.
I'll lose the mind is busy and will not have been occupied in time, the mind is not here?
It's that arrows pointing to them. In individualism, gomakasazu themselves, to live honestly.

Chances are your feet.
Is located in the mundane.
With a strong sense of purpose, and you will see it.
Rather than bemoaning the inability the feet "and now here" in practice you can.
Small foot job, feet stay can take advantage of the edge, eventually leads to a great job.
We're living in foot "now and here" but not.

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