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Zen and Zen on bridge management in 21st century


"Kind heart"

A person's heart is like a garden. It may be cultivated intellectually, or it may become a wild- If you don't sow valuable seeds there, you'll eventually have useless weeds. I'm advocating five o'clock getting up. Morning time is the prime time you can spend the most of your time of the day. In addition, the brain is arranged by sleep, and if it says by the personal computer, the memory is empty, and it is a state that processes information at the speed many times at night. If you rely on the time of the night, it will be an excuse to put off the assignment. If urgent use is interrupted, you will eventually leave behind undigested tasks. It is to take care of the start dash in the morning, and to get rid of the arrogance every day. By polishing the garden of your heart, wonderful flowers of personality, environment and destiny bloom. The time given to everyone is quantitatively equal and qualitatively unequal. Take good control of your mind and make good use of your limited 24 hours. This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


"Back and forth when shear '-pure" now and here "to devote to

We end up thinking continuously. Yesterday is over, tomorrow is not yet coming. We have nothing but "here and now". The back and forth is to cut off the time of the front and back, and to live firmly "now and here" in the moment. Discontinuous thinking is a back-and-forth. If there is a beautiful flower in front of you, you can feel "Oh, it's beautiful." It is not refused to think that it will fall sooner or later, and not to notice even existence. "Where are you going when you die?" There is a Zen question and answer. But now" is not dead. I'm alive, so I'm not going anywhere. Don't dwell on fixed concepts or generalizations. In management, there are people who say, "I can't do it because I don't have money." To tell the truth, such a person cannot do even if there is money. If you don't do it before and after, there's nothing you can do someday. In addition, "It is difficult to cash in, so what should I do to increase sales?" There is a person who says. There are various ways to get money to wait, stop paying, and drop fixed costs. On the other hand, in order to increase sales, we increase the value of our products. To increase the value is to increase customer satisfaction. The cash flow is cash flow, and sales are sales. Each is a different factor. Management is the pursuit of profit, value creation (customer satisfaction), and customer creation. It is necessary to do all of them, but i'm going to do it one by one. It is not given to the failure of the past and the success. Yesterday is over, tomorrow is an illusion. Now, I'm going to throw all my energy to Here & Now. Then, power comes out. Write your schedule with action plans, thought plans, and preparatory plans. Then, what should be done becomes clear now, and it is possible to refuse it at the back and forth. "Even though there is a front and rear, there is no choice but to do it now. The future is not coming yet. The accumulation of the present will create the future. This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.


"3 factors of production, to delivery, quality and cost-

With the spread of the Internet, the world has become a fast-paced era. The pace of this change is still in the process, and a major change will continue from the economic structure of the past. It is said that it is the fourth industrial revolution now, but even in the past three industrial revolutions, the times have changed greatly, and people have adapted to the way society works and how they work. The response to change begins with the evolution of living things and is taken for granted in the course of human evolution. The three elements of production, "delivery time, quality, and cost," are also three elements of equal demand. Among them, delivery time and speed are the greatest differentiation of the present. Let's pursue the creation of "cost" by "delivery time" and "delivery time" with a focus on delivery time. The difference in speed is the difference in motivation. In order to keep winning, it is important to challenge yourself to various new initiatives in accordance with principles. Let's actively create the future by taking things as a matter of course. This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.