To learn the Zen thinking business opportunity
Zen and Zen on bridge management in 21st century

 At first

Write a "sitting" Zazen are two people on the ground.
These two represent the duality of self.
You think their good and bad.
Their positive and negative yourself.
It is customer facing self represent.

Zen of Zazen, in female partial write "single". Simply show us the means.
In other words, my good and bad we are up and aggregated in one thing.

Executive Zen studies society through meditation, well the business trouble, joy and sorrow,
Intended to learn self caught simply two aspects of himself, in a heartbeat.

1 month once paced society, by volunteers who independently organized and operated.
Improve margin of various age, nationality, gender, and gathered people who self Park.
It is a corporate Zen studies society.

 Representative greetings

"Time sits Buddha's time.
It is fitted out with body, breath, and mind, and sit the person can become the people and ki仏.
In other words it is there best relaxation when thought and meditation, anywhere and at any time you want to sit, where the obtained healing and peace.

Since more than 100 stage career management Institute, coordinated leadership of top management and executives and graduates exceeds approximately 2000 people.
As a leader who understands management management concerns, suffering, fun, joy, feeling deeply Zen knowledge acquired from a Zen-based management consultant for the high rating. Accurately assess the bandwagon, on based on the fundamental principle of the teaching method proven up corporate restructuring. Which is active as a world leader and one of best ever financial results, "winning streak" to instruct.

2015Resigned as CEO in October, currently devoted to nurture their as a senior consultant.

In his book "daily life is open to absolutely positively" (JDC), "1 minute management ' (we know publishing house),"aiming for the President"(JDC),"businessman can be different here' (modern Shorin), principles of 50 wanted to start right now (modern Shorin), honesty management company, raise a person (Lyon co.), management keyword Shu a To Do List (ISK), such as. Mail magazine "[One mane]1 minute practice management "and delivered daily, in the bi-weekly"the attention of the President"to their readers more than 30000 people.
Tokyo Junior Chamber, Inc. Senior Member
-Tokyo kioi-Cho Rotary Club President (2004-2005)
Executive Zen studies society presided over by

 In Kamakura

In a lecture at teacher Rieko's story impressed since I Kamakura teacher's House now attending. For over 30 years, through meditation, one's way, road management what or is taught.

No matter how busy, always made time. This is the so-called "perfect attendance". Did nothing to Kamakura mountains and Coast walk together out of first. But afterwards, think first of raw casual a word or gesture of all was Zen. Over time, the teacher sitting together us like now.

Became known around the Kamakura haunt me after a while.
See me Iizuka-San, monthly each month, go somewhere and have to learn something?. Do something, very nice stuff. What if I take it.
Will be asked this gradually grew.

So teach teacher Rieko Kamakura during the noticed was there. It is this corporate Zen studies society was.

 Teacher vision

 From Hiroo

 Please join Zen

It is held once a month (the second Thursday).
Everyone participates. It is safe even for non-executives.

 About the organizers