To learn the Zen thinking business opportunity
Zen and Zen on bridge management in 21st century

 Guide to Zen meditation meeting

2019The schedule of the regular meeting in 2008 has been uploaded.

We hold a meeting once a month.
Anyone can attend. It is safe even for non-executives.
If you would like to joinメールフォームMore, please.

First participation of those 2 will be up at the Dojo from chuu目, but until it explanation and guidance will be rated under.

* For the first time citizens 2.?Will be up from the Dojo, but until it will be rated under Description and guidance.

2021Year schedule

 Map (access map)

The cure hospital
Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Hiroo 5-1-21

-Is a 5-minute walk from Hiroo station No.2 exit.
And out of the station, go straight along the street.
And through the gate 見emashitara the gate, turn left and proceed.
And if 突ki当tarimashitara on the wall, go right along the fence and entrance.
And to date has the Guide to our gate and entrance.
* About the society, please make an inquiry to the cure hospital,.

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(The cure hospital near point is displayed)

 Organized Zen meditation meetings other than

One morning to win Le Mans life (ichigaya and Kojimachi)
"Morning Le Mans Le Mans life are" and said that from early morning braced in Zazen, you spend the day?
3000Zen Iizuka kept everyone"has guided the company over company management consulting learn how for 35 years" hope wisdom we live "as teach and easier to understand than anyone else.

 Guide to training in Zen meditation

General Association Management Zen Institute, corporate training programs we offer meditation society. Everyday away from sense, in meditation "and now here ' to awakens new strength of 1人1人 employees be exhaling, and concentrate.
And teach the meaning of the word sat down better, spits out of breath, mind, Zen, etc., and dispatch of lecturers to run Zen studies society want.
Please contact us for more information.

 About the organizers

Executive Zen studies society
102-0081, Japan, Tokyo, Chiyoda ward 4 town 4-9 East across Brazil Hawk Bldg. 2F