To learn the Zen thinking business opportunity
Zen and Zen on bridge management in 21st century

♦ name of seller
Management Zen studies society (in the aiescaconsulting co., Ltd.)

♦ Sales Officer
President of Iizuka people

♦ location
2-5-8 Nishi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0065, Japan
TEL 03-3230-1850
Fax 03-5276-3290

♦ E-mail

♦ How to order
Order by Internet

♦ product line
Book, CD, video, notebook, laptop

♦ product prices
Each item listed

♦ tax
Inclusive of tax

♦ necessary charges other than commodity price
* Shipping & COD fee, per order of 500jpy

♦ registration expiration
Will contact you via email or phone if out of stock.

♦ handling of defective goods
Shipping at our cost, and non-defective will be replaced.

♦ sales
Contact us through contact by email or phone.

♦ delivery time
Ships within 2 days of working days from the date of order.
If the delay will be contacted.

♦ payment methods
Post cash on delivery

♦ return handling
-If the product is bad, enroute accident damage or damage caused
If you deviate from what we ordered is delivered
Some glitches in the product itself if

♦ return policy
Within 7 days from the date of delivery

♦ return shipping
Please send the shipping prepaid will be responsible for the customer convenience,. Otherwise, it is our burden, cod please.

♦ privacy policy
Shall not provide to any third party personal identification is possible, except as otherwise provided personal information (your name, email address, address, telephone number, order information, etc.) is a good reason.