To learn the Zen thinking business opportunity
Zen and Zen on bridge management in 21st century

 And meditation

Zen is derived from open enlightenment, Buddha and devote myself to.
Refers to the up's mind Zen and truth of things, and how, to correctly respond to this.
And to concentrate the mind, stabilize the body can sit, to the harmony of body, breath and mind.

 The efficacy...

In mastering the breathing meditation Serrat mine, and it is secreted in the brain feel radiant, not only overcoming the depression becomes available, good memory, exemplified in various physical and mental effects it.
The efficacy of meditation is proven scientifically.

 Before coming to the temple

(1) registration 17:00
First came to the temple and the reception. Finally it starts with Zen.

(2) change of 17: 10 clothes
A change of clothes in the locker room. Loose-fitting clothes, ready to run!

(3) 17:20 part of Midosuji.
Until the temple filed with his palms together. Buddha made ass let's get started from the foot of the wall.

(6) how to set the hands
[Dharmadhatu constant signs]
Paid his right hand with his left hand, below the navel (tanda) lightly. Thumbs make lightly, the egg-shaped ring.
Hakuin's way style]
With your left hand nigirimasu right hand lightly. And following the person difference finger of the right hand the thumb of the left hand 4, like pinching with thumb image.

 Voice of the customer

"Not troubled anyway. Better to be resigned. 」
CREACE co., Ltd. Representative Director and President, Mr. INOMATA Kenji

"My President's stand pull employees. Improve your inner no, no development of the company. So I think that ". Recommended by Iizuka people's org management Zen studies society to participate, Mr. INOMATA Kenji, recalls the past four years ago. "The feeling at that time, skeptical? "And turn the water and" "it's not only just sitting? "That is certainly quite a few thoughts" with a wry smile.

Meditation for the first time brought sense of exhilaration, Mr. INOMATA. "Close to the feeling of waking up after a good night sleep. I thought oh, relaxation. One hour with meditation had "passed".

School management Zen Institute, Mr. INOMATA says that, in the fifth year. Tend to think of once being told by way once, after a one looks different. "Took 3 years can Zen Temple outside of the venue. Certainly goes to the temple every month, listen to Ms. Iizuka's speech, while recalling that Zen meditation. That was repeated this Act from that. I do not know and do not experience for yourself this sense ".

I said, Mr. Inomata, shortly after the start of Zazen is lost in management decisions that go round and round in my head. However, the illusion is over time 10, 9, 8, 7. And disappear one by one. "That was, Oh, I stuck with whatever you feel is" (Mr. INOMATA).

Iizuka's Chairperson, said it is close to the heart of Zen. "Waste is removed from the grasp the essence of things and then be gender-neutral. Sorry then also no longer be. And naturally it will be proactive in life ".

Zazen decisions are made faster

4Two years ago, Mr. INOMATA was a Zen novice is sitting now, and immediately enters the "switch", and was able to concentrate. I said where Zen meditation is when something got lost and nervous habit.

"There was not much chance I succeeded parents ' second President, so decide for yourself. But, thanks to spiritually tempered visibly decisions, faster. Worrying about exhausted and with more bells and whistles? "
From the (Nikkei Business associe February 2012)

• Monthly meeting scene (photo: Junya Inagaki)